Experience excellence with Riordan Homes. Call now to transform your dream home into reality.

Experience the luxury of fine living with Riordan Signature Homes. Call now to transform your dream home into reality.

Delivering Dreams

Discover a world where every detail speaks of excellence, quality craftsmanship meets innovation and your vision of a home becomes a reality. From grand new construction to simple renovated spaces, at Riordan Signature Homes we are more than just custom home builders – we are creators of spaces that reflect your lifestyle, aspirations and unique personality.

Building Legacies

For over three decades, Riordan Signature Homes has been synonymous with builders who take pride in their craft. Carrying on the legacy of our father, James, we continue to set the standard with thoughtful design, intricate millwork and unparalleled customer satisfaction. With a keen eye for detail, we craft homes that elevate your living experience to new heights.

Why Riordan Homes?

As leaders in bespoke home construction, Riordan Signature Homes boasts 35 years of experience, crafting more than 500 new homes and 100+ renovations. Their accolades include over 20 Crystal Key Awards, a testament to their commitment to excellence. As a full-service custom builder, they prioritize quality trades and materials, ensuring each project reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship


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Your Home.

Your Sanctuary.

Experience the difference that passion, craftsmanship and dedication can make in a home, where every corner tells your story. Contact us today to start your journey toward living the Riordan Signature Homes lifestyle. Your dream home awaits.

Every Step Counts.
Every Detail Matters.

  • Your Vision

    We start by getting to know you, listening and understanding your vision, pain points and needs. Your design should not only be beautiful and functional, but unique to your lifestyle.

  • Our Design

    Working together, we determine the scope of work and create a custom-tailored plan to bring your vision to life. Our award-winning architects and designers work tirelessly to ensure our designs meet your needs and budget.

  • Drawings

    After floor plans and blueprints are made, discussed, revised, discussed again and finally approved, we schedule field visits. Throughout your project we will measure to ensure accuracy and update detailed plan drawings.

  • Permits & Approvals

    Once your design is finalized, we work with your town to handle permits and approvals. We have deep relationships with the communities where we build and can tackle any potential roadblocks before they’re encountered.

  • Preconstruction

    Before construction begins you’ll meet with your team of project managers, construction superintendents and subcontractors to discuss timelines, logistics and other details.

  • Construction

    Once the construction phase begins, the project moves forward at a swift pace. Foundation, framing, roofing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, flooring – it all goes in based on the pre-determined schedule we share in preconstruction.

  • Communication & Inspections

    We maintain regular communication throughout your project to share updates, address questions and tackle any issues you may have. Local building inspectors will visit your site at various stages of construction to ensure the work meets building codes and regulations.

  • Final Walk-through & Handover

    Once your project is complete, we do a walk-through to view the finished project and identify any outstanding issues. Once issues are resolved – or are scheduled to be resolved – we happily turn over the keys to your beautiful new space.